Monday, January 10, 2011

Hands In

finally! my hands in incubator. holding premature babies inside those transparent boxes. my hand hold the very tiny small fragile babies. wow! can't believe it! i suddenly became wildly excited. haha.. 1st experience woo.. baby besar pun jarang nk pegang inikan pula baby yang sangat kecil, x cukup bulan. nak pegang lagi !! masih bnyk lg hari di NICU maka bnyk lg peluang. sangat best. boleh balik2 kan dia, tepuk2 dia, main kaki dan tangan dia... =) 
hands in when we fully sterilized our both hands to prevent spread of infections and we wore the green gown. we not playing with them but we do full neonatal examinations on them. starting from the head till all body systems. oh little baby, please grow well, u need to be healthy..

i enjoy being in NICU(neonatal intensive care unit)... (^.^)"<3

hey little man!


Anonymous said...

knapa tangan kmu nmpk besar?hehe

LavenderloVer said...

obviously tu bkn tgn org laaaa..haha. random pic. kt dlm bilik tu x smpat pon nk snap.

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