Thursday, June 9, 2011


Waaahhh..dah bersarang lelabah lelabu nampaknye blog sy nih. berjuta tahun x sapu habuk, mop, vac kt ruangan luahan pemikiran sy ni. iceh.. ayat x leh tahan :P by the way, there are many interesting things happened lately and want to share with uall but my hands become easily fatigue and my ideas acutely fly away when i starting to hit the keyboard. don't want to bother myself to tell those stories, just keep it save in this brilliant brain of mine..  =D 

(not really remember exact date/day/time), our craziness upon this little thing became at maximum level which brought us to buy it and let our precious money burning / flow away. haha. its ok lar bcoz we spend money to buy things that we craving for it since a long time. so, we happy and excited even other people not really interested in it. kui2.. what is IT??? want to know???

yea, other people lately crazy on buying iPod touch, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, MacBook bla bla bla but we were differ. haha.. IpodNano which was the thing that we crush on and successfully made those two as our own precious properties right now... =D

  those little thing will company u everywhere anytime without ruin ur daily life.haha =P

small, nice, multitouch, can clip it anywhere, suit for fitness ... hehe (mengiklan la pulak). wlpn harga agak mahal jugak ler, tp sy x kesah coz nano mmg sesuai utk memenuhi kehidupan dan menceriakan hari-hari sy. 

"knpe x beli je ipodtouch/iphone jer??" 
ipodtouch/iphone is DANGEROUS!! 

becoz ade games/features yg boleh melaghakan/menarik perhatian sy drpd membuka buku dan stdy dgn tekun nye (budjet je). dpt hilangkan concentration sy nih. dah la sy ni jenis yg kaki main game jugak la. klu dah start mmg so'b nk berhenti. haa..but ade kelebihan jugak gune ipod touch/iphone. nice juge. bnyk features yg cool. tp tu lah. yg ni je yang mampu sy beli buat mase ni... myb next time kegilaan baru muncul lagi kan. (blackberry..!! >.<) sob2. 

i wanna be a millionaire so i can have those cool electronic modern things in my pockets. haha.. 

alah, phone capkai aku ni ha masih function lagi kot even dah ketinggalan dek zaman serba canggih ni. so, sayangilah dan hargailah apa yang ada ditangan mu sekarang . jika tidak anda akan menyesal. sayang kot enset ni, benda bila dibeli dgn duit sendiri mesti lah rasa sayang kan L.O.V.E (^.^)

p/s: want to know why there is 2 ipodnanos??? and which one is mine??? 
just guess, pass up ur answer and nothing will be reward. it's FREE... =P


Anonymous said...

yours the blue one.. =P
i have no doubt about it..

LavenderloVer said...

really?? r u sure about that?? if wrong i will send u a punishment. wait for that haaa.. :P

Anonymous said... very100000000 sure..

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