Friday, October 14, 2011

Bye my Baby


i should remember this date. the day that changed me. the day that my heart and mind argued to each other due to one big decision has to make a.s.a.p. and the result of that decision really give me another opportunity to see again this beautiful world more clearly.   

i'm very happy to welcome my new wide sight which i'd lost it since 11 years. and now i getting it back. thank you Allah for everything..and not forget to my smart intelligent Dr who help me through out my therapy. alfu syukran, jazakallahukhairan kathira... :))

i should say goodbye to my baby, my swatch's spectacles. i'm so sorry coz i'v been using u recklessly and not took care of you nicely. the sad news is, i not need your help anymore for the time being and i hope u will rest and get some holiday in hawai ok! don't ever miss me. anyway thank you in helping me and be my visual aid over the past years and goodbye.. :( 

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